Wooden shutters

Okiennice drewniane VITIS

Wooden shutters photo.


Beautiful and resistant external wooden shutters which combine modern design and rustic look. It is the great idea to make house more interesting.

Nowadays recent trends in architecture use more often traditional solutions and appreciate visual qualities as well as charm of wooden finishings.

Therefore, it is worthwile to choose the wooden shutters. Our clients can confirm and we encourage new customers to opt for wooden shutters.

Wooden shutters are very practical.
In summer they protect from sunlight, whereas in winter they become the blockade for wind, snow and rain.

The wooden shutters are mainly made of Siberian pine – hard and resistant material with yelowish colors and subtle graining. Siberian pine prevails its primary properties for long time, is resistant to decay processes and is often used in house constrcution. The elements made from Siberian pine have profitable quality-price ratio.



Professional installation of wooden shutters and its preservation is the long lasting warranty.

Our shutters are installed in a fixed version, but also we adjust them to the dimensions of the window. We preserve the shutters with reliable system – SIKKENS : impregnation, base and top coat.

Basic color patterns for wooden shutters:


Assembling elements and fittings are made of galvanized and powder painted steel. If You wish we can varnish wooden shutters  with individually chosen color so it matches the architecture.

What is more important, renovation and exchange of broken panel does not require dismantling the whole shutter – we make the repairement on the spot and it does not take much time.

Our good working and experienced team of professionals will help you to choose the right model, give advice and moreover will finish the project in possibly short time, so you can enjoy a warm, idyllic atmosphere in your home.


Do you need inspiration? Are you looking for examples of shutters? Have a look at our gallery, if you need more photos to look at – call us and ask, we will answer all your questions with great pleasure.


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