Wooden terrace pergolas

Wooden terrace pergolas

Terrace pergola is very modern and stylish way of roofing, which is characterized by high functionality and great design. Terrace pergolas are widely used at home terraces, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Appropriately chosen terrace pergola creates special climate for speding good time with friends and family.There are different kinds of terrace pergola, some of them have the form of fencing. Although this element becomes extremely attractive garden or terrace equipment, significantly enriching its decor, the most important factor is simplicity of pergola installment or stability of the whole construction.

Terrace pergola manufacturing

We use regular wood and regular steel for crafting terrace pergolas. Our pergolas present themselves very esthetic and elegantly, at the same time adding prestige and bit of luxury in each garden. Among many good qualities is high versatility. High versatility means that pergolas are easy to match with the surounding. Combing metal with timber or using only timber in crafting pergolas creates very interesting design. Wooden pergolas can be used all year long, under the condition that they were properly protected from external conditions.It is the key factor which decides about firmness and durability wooden or steel construction. The timber for pergolas is impregnated with paints or oils from well-known brands like: SIKKENS and REMERS. However, steel is hot dip galvanized and powder painted.

Wooden pergolas prices:

The prices are diversified. However, we should bear in mind that those elements are for many years. Investing in a good quality and resistant pergola is the best solution. The thoughtful choice of terrace pergola will change the look of your garden,so it becomes special, warm and friendly place to spend good time and relax.

Vitis modern wooden pergolas

Are recommended for each investor, which designs and creates modern and unconventional solutions and offers his/hers clients attractive and functional investments.

We invite You to cooperte with us. Along with other products pergolas crafted by our company have long lasting warranty.

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