Wooden terraces

Tarasy drewniane VITIS

Each wooden terrace is a great place to relax, rest and a reason to be proud for its owner. Especially when it is the beautiful terrace crafted by the company VITIS.

Terraces made of timber have natural beauty, warmth and modern character. They add freshness and class to each project. They match the surroudings perfectly.

Thanks to modern materials the wooden terraces surprise with durability.

Wooden terraces are our domain. See for yourself and have your own wooden terrace!

For making wooden terraces we use only the best sorts of timber: Siberian larch, thermo – ash tree, bangkirai, massaranduba.

What is the difference between timber from Poland and the types of timber mentioned above? Among many, there are: natural hardiness, resistance to weather conditions and biological like: insects and mould.

These types of timber are used for big constructions: bridges, stairs, train tracks underlay. It works perfectly in small and big architecture.

How do we build terraces? You can choose between two methods:

1 – Wooden terraces without visible fixing elements;
2 – Terrace boards are fastened with systemic seals.


Terrace boards are fastened to the beam by using stainless steel screws.
Elegance and durability, i.e. how do we preserve terraces.

Effective conservation of terrace is very important. Therefore, we preserve constructions of our terraces with special oils. The best quality oils:

  • give decorative effect by revival of a natural wood drawing,
  • protect terrace board from humidity, dirt, cracking,
  • color versions include transparents pigments, which additionally protect timber from UV radiation and greying.

Exemplary colors of terrace boards made of Siberian larch:

Would you like to know more? Contact us and we answer all of your questions. Our team will help you to make original design and will ensure the highest quality.
Trust us, we are professionals.


Thanks to adjustable consoles wooden terraces can be laid on uneven surface. Those consoles are made of modified polypropylene – high resistant material. Such solution allow to install wooden terraces even below the water surface.