Cooperate with us

We invite subcontractors, architects and designer offices/companies to cooperate with us.

We present below the default profile of cooperation. The exact terms of cooperation are to be discussed.

Cooperation with subcontractors:

  • Based on the subcontractor’s agreement
  • Concerning the wide range of our products (wooden elevations, terraces, shutters, blinds)
  • We provide modern technical and esthetic solutions
  • convenient deadlines for fulfilling the investment
  • delivery of our products on the place directly
  • professional technical advisory and service
  • specialized trainings and tutorials

Cooperation with architects and designer offices:

  • professional and technical advisory
  • support of the specialist in project development
  • individual solutions to each project
  • preparing patterns and sample-cards for new solutions
  • professional technical materials
  • cooperation throughout the country



tel. / fax: +48 34 344 69 51
tel. kom.: +48 784 031 990
tel. kom.: +48 784 031 991