Installation instructions for wood facades

Installation instructions for wooden facades with insulation:

1. Assembly of system angle – galvanized steel fasteners reinforced with cold roll forming vertically or horizontally.  montaz-elewacji1
2. For the angles fixed in that way we attach wooden scantling, having in mind maintenance of vertical and horizontal rules.  montaz-elewacji2
3. The space between scantling and a building’s wall must befilled with insulation. Our system provides mineral wool. Resignation from cross grating channel, but implementation of angle system eliminates thermal bridge. Which is impossible with cross grating channel.  montaz-elewacji3
4. Such insulation of the construction we protect with covering the vapor-permeable film (the film acts here like a membrane, it lets the water vapor only in one side, in case of wooden grate the film must be divided in the way that the steam could evaporate from mineral wool).  montaz-elewacji4
5. The next step is installing the ventilation strip. The ventilation strip gives us the distance between film and elevation board.  montaz-elewacji5
6. We attach a secured elevation board to this appropriately prepared grate.  montaz-elewacji6

The method of installing the façade board:


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